About Us


This is me on the left, not the 10x world champion on the right.

I have always loved sports. Growing up I played everything although not very well. I settled on martial arts 5 years ago, falling in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). It is one of those sports that completely consumed my thoughts and actions. It has come to a stage now that all my best friends have tried (and succeeded) in choking me out. One of the downfalls of BJJ are that through the nature of the sport skin conditions are quite common. 

Brawler bar was an idea to create the perfect sports soap that would help people get rid of germs that caused skin infections. It was also designed so that same soap could be used in third world countries to combat the thousands of hygiene related deaths each year.  

Proceeds from our soap bar go towards ridding this world of hygiene related deaths. 


Till next time brawlers 

Mitch Hunter

Head Brawler