What are the main ingredients in Brawler Bar?- The main active ingredients in Brawler Bar are tea tree oil, peppermint oil and coconut oil.

Is Brawler Bar a treatment for skin infections?- We do not make any claims that Brawler Bar is in anyway a treatment or a prevention for skin infections. There has been multiple studies on tea tree oil which has shown it to be a natural antimicrobial. Although this is an active ingredient in Brawler Bar, we don't state that using our bars will heal your infection. If you get an infection you should be treated by a medical practitioner. 

What is your return policy?- If you have any issues with any soap bars you receive, send us a photo and we will immediately ship you another bar. You don't have to return the broken bar. Keep it as a spare. 

Can I stock the soap in my gym?- Absolutely! Please drop me an email at mitch@brawlerbar.com and we can discuss our wholesale options. 

How do you donate to disadvantaged people?-  After expenses are paid our profits go towards projects that help disadvantaged communities.